Yes, bamboo can be woven into a three-dimensional structure

Bamboo weaving is a sustainable method of construction in China but, due to its complexity and reliance on skilled labour, is also in deep decline. Students and faculty from the University of Hong Kong had learned from the last remaining bamboo weavers in Peitian, Fujian Province before evolving and adapting the traditional construction technology for this research project. Harnessing the power of digital design, the Superposition Studio team tamed the complexity of weaving bamboo and created a composite woven bamboo shell in-situ. While promoting a culturally significant craft, the Sun Room serves as a community space for nearby villagers as it offers respite from a hot day or a workspace for farm work.



Project name

Sun Room, Mainland China (2017)


Superposition and HKU Faculty of Architecture (Shelter and Resting Place - Research Work Undertaken at the University of Hong Kong)

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Hong Kong

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