Not your grandparents’ bamboo furniture

Due to bamboo’s rigid cylindrical form, traditional bamboo furniture is often perceived as rustic, angular, rudimentary, and unchanging. New techniques and technologies, along with new design approaches, allow designers to make a new breed of bamboo furniture. Featuring ergonomic designs, elegant aesthetics, improved colours and appearances, contemporary bamboo furniture still offers the resilience, light weight, and low carbon footprint for which bamboo is famous. Collaborating with furniture maker Herman Miller, New York-based ECCO Design’s Eric Chan created ECCO 9707 bamboo chair, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the HKSAR. He reinterpreted the traditional bamboo armchair with his design percepts and modern touch, and the resulting work is a sleek, fluid, and comfortable piece, whose mahogany colour offers a sophisticated and luxurious look that is coveted for any interior space.



Project name

ECCO 9707


Eric Chan (ECCO Design)

Origin of company

New York

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