A pavilion that sways like wild reeds

Like bamboo, reeds belong to the grass family. The reeds that grow in the wetlands on the shores of Lake Biwa near Kyoto, Japan inspired a team from Shiga Prefecture University, led by Nagai Takuo, Hiromasa Shirai, and Takeo Matsuokato, to use this local plant resource to create an innovative space for tourism activation. The Yoshi Pavilion built with 15,000 reeds bundled together was erected after repeated mock-up studies were carried out to explore the ideal form of the reed structure. When the wind blows, the resulting maze-like reed structure gently sways from side to side, reproducing a natural phenomenon that is commonly seen around the wetlands in the region. As part of an installation for the Hachimanbori Festival, the Yoshi Pavilion became a star attraction as local residents and tourists alike were amazed by what common aquatic grass can do.



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Yoshi Pavilion (Omi Hachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan) (2017)


Ryuichi Ashizawa + Nagai Takuo + Shiga Prefecture University Ryuichi Ashizawa laboratory + Nagai Takuo laboratory

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