How to use bamboo for modern living in Southwestern China

In the Integer Bamboo House located in Yunnan, China, bamboo is not chosen for just an element or two. Instead, the eco-friendly material is used throughout the multi-storey residential home. The home’s exterior walls, internal walls and panelling are all made of laminated bamboo decking. A cantilever balcony and the semi-open vertical circulation element maximize natural ventilation and daylight, therefore taking advantage of the moderate weather throughout the year in Southwestern China. As earthquakes are a particular hazard in the region, bamboo’s light weight, strength, and flexibility make it an excellent material to mitigate the risks of compromising building structure in the event of a major earthquake. The House was designed by the Oval Partnership to promote sustainable living. 



Project name

INTEGER Bamboo House, Mainland China (2009)


The Oval Partnership Ltd.

Origin of company

Hong Kong

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