Laminated bamboo does wonders, again!

Long strips of laminated bamboo were tampered and bent repeatedly to produce the gracefully curved form. With space between the strips, they were arranged in two intersecting sets. The resulting structure is a sturdy, practical, and yet intriguing piece of furniture called the Bow Tie Chair. The space inside the open structure can be used for storage, and is perfect for a cushion or a book. Designed by Lin Ching-ke of Taiwan’s Gridesign Studio, the chair showcases the playfulness and utility that are embedded in bamboo furniture and lifestyle products. Coming from the multidisciplinary backgrounds in visual, product, and spatial design, Lin, a veteran of electronic product design, has warmed up to bamboo and thinks a show of strength and limitless possibilities will change people’s minds about bamboo.



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Bow Tie Chair


gridesign studio

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