Why do bamboo poles remind us of Hong Kong?

Bamboo poles are versatile and strong. Thanks to the local tradition of bamboo scaffolding, bamboo is the material of choice for many temporary structures, such as Cantonese opera pavilions and decorative gates. Lantern Wonderland was a 15-metre high dome structure accompanied by lights, kinetic art, and sounds. Spanning 962-square-metres, it served as the signature installation in the Mid-Autumn festival celebration following the ravages of the SARS epidemic between 2002 and 2003. Besides 10 primary supports made of steel, the rest of the R-shaped supports were made of bamboo poles of over 10 metres in length. Bamboo’s flexibility allows the dome to be curved, giving the signature piece its poetic fluidity made possible by time-tested workmanship. William Lim, who led his team at CL3 Architects Ltd., turned a symbol of Hong Kong’s perseverance into a dazzling kaleidoscope for residents and tourists alike to enjoy. Over 120,000 visitors attended the lantern festival over 10 days.



Project name

Lantern Wonderland (2003)


CL3 Architects Limited

Origin of company

Hong Kong

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