Three-dimensional paper craft for everyday life: Rocking Chair

Good Morning’s original calendar, “Rocking Chair,” is a paper craft kit that allows users to tear out paper parts and use them to assemble a miniature rocking chair model. The seatback and seat bottom pieces are interchangeable, and each have two months of the year printed on the front and back of the piece. The user flips the piece or swaps the seatback piece for another seat piece to display a new month. From pop-up books to traditional paper craft, paper as a cheap and widely available material has shown its versatility to be used for education, hobbies, art, and everyday life. It is no wonder designers continue to innovate to make paper shine in contexts and situations unimaginable before. The team from Tokyo-based Good Morning Inc. designs interesting mass-marketed paper craft kits.



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Rocking Chair


good morning inc.

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