How do notebooks become works of art?

Mt. Fuji Notebook/TV Tower Notebook are two mass-produced compact writing pads that are not only functional but also offer their intended users – designers and other creatives – another reason to keep the stationery around for longer. Using fore-edge painting techniques, the paper volume can be fanned out to reveal the image of Nagoya TV Tower, where the brand office is located, or that of Mount Fuji, the national and cultural icon that is visible from the tower. Created by Peace Graphics of Nagoya, Japan, founded by Hidekazu Hirai, these miniature notebooks connect architecture with landscape, a physical product with a design brand, surface with volume, and Japanese sensibility with the universal form of a printed book. Meant for display in an office or a home, the keepsake is a subtle, and highly effective way to promote a brand.



Project name

Mt. Fuji Notebook, TV Tower Notebook


Peace Graphics

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