Eastern inspired antique carved window lattices and a pen and ink drawing of the Dancong tea tree provide creative perspective for the recycled paper packaging, and express the tea’s Zen aesthetics. Zen philosophy and the art of tea making are strongly linked, particularly in China and throughout Asia, where tea drinking is seen as improving one’s sensitivity to and quality of life. Designed in the form of a treasure chest with a red emblem signifying the intricate hardware of a lock on a Chinese cabinet, the latticed ‘window’ in the lid offers longevity and gravitas: it has taken time for this precious tea to reach maturity. Alongside the finely detailed tree, the brand’s name is ‘carved’ into the lid. Underneath, the contents are wrapped as two separate bags, like sacks of gold nuggets or sovereigns.


Communication Design

Project name

YUN SHU CHUN – Listen to the Tree



Origin of company

The Mainland