DESCRY TAIWAN-ALISHAN APEX LIN, PANG-SOONG X MOUNTAIN ALI TEA NO.35, held in December 2017, was a successful campaign curated by the artist Apex Lin, curator of this exhibition, Wu Zhijing of Mountain Ali Tea No. 35, and Izen Tu, the exhibition’s design director, to pay homage to the region’s forests and tea. When urban dwellers and tourists from abroad who have visited the exhibition go home, it is hoped they will share their experiences  and become “ambassadors” of Alishan’s forests and teas. To that end, Lin’s art is also featured in the packaging of Alishan tea products and other gifts. This exhibition originated in Lin’s spur-of-the-moment sketches, as well as being a business experiment and a marketing campaign to promote art, sustainable tea products, and eco-tourism.

Lin, Tu and Wu’s vision has paid off. Besides their marketing successes, the curatorial team hopes that, through art and immersion, visitors will be moved by their trip and become more aware of the interdependence between humans and mountains and the ecological system of tea cultivation in the mountains.


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Descry Taiwan-Alishan Apex Lin Pang-Soong X Mountain Ali Tea No.35


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