Using a traditional material to make a contemporary and functional artwork

Unglazed Chinese teapots made of purple clay are prized possessions. Using the same venerable material, architects and designers reinvented the teapot with minimalist, contemporary design, transforming the short and stout pot into a tall rounded trapezoid vessel. The spout has a built-in filter, and the lid does not fall off while pouring thanks to a concealed silicone ring. In addition, the teapot is complemented by four tea cups, a jug, and a bowl in a set called The Silt Collection. The whole set is unglazed, and fired twice, and no two pieces look the same, paying tribute to its traditional Chinese counterpart. The Silt Collection was designed by the team at London-based international design agency Viewport Studio.



Project name

Silt Collection



Origin of company

United Kingdom