Beautiful form and organic sound to develop rural economy in Indonesia

Made of two tones of sustainable natural wood, the Personal Wooden Radio WR01A-2B is handcrafted and hand assembled as a vehicle to promote economic self-reliance in an Indonesia village. Besides its social mission, the intriguing product contains both retro and modern references, but the wood casing and handle remain the most distinguishing feature from other electronics or appliances in a modern home. The radio’s raw finish is deliberate, as the lack of coating gives it an organic look and convey a message from the designer. It cautions us against overconsumption, and compels every user to exercise care and maintenance when using the radio. The wood casing also serves as a natural resonance chamber, so the radio offers a superior acoustic quality than most other radios. The Personal Wooden Radio was designed by the team at Central Java-based Piranti Works – Magno, founded by Singgih S. Kartono. The company promotes wood craft to solve modern-day social problems.



Project name

Personal Wooden Radio


Piranti Works

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