A modern memorial sourced from local wood and bamboo for a minority community

When it comes to a memorial, stone and steel are two materials that come to mind. However, Shelter: The Mirrored Sight, a memorial of the Longli people by the north bank of Longxi River outside the old town of Longli in Jinping county, Southeast Guizhou, is made of wood, bamboo, and glass. Facing the river, the simple and narrow tower is composed of two floors that accommodate only one person per level: the lower one invites people to stay and rest, while the upper level has a pyramidal inner space and provides different viewpoints across the landscape. The architect used completely different materials to distinguish between northern and southern façades: covered by local bamboo and wood, the northern façade parallels the town axis, while the southern façade — cladded with single-transparent glass — parallels the Longxi River. Li Hao from Hangzhou-based One Take Architects designed the installation.



Project name

Shelter - The Mirrored Sight, Mainland China (2016)


One Take Architects

Origin of company

Mainland China