Master Liu (Copper craftsman)

Copper artifact | Luen Shing Foundry

Master Liu is 81 years old and he works in the foundry 360 days a year. “High heat and high risk” is how he describes casting. He became an apprentice in an iron casting factory in 1962. In 1967, he established Luen Shing Foundry with his brother, the factory mainly used sand molds to cast iron for industrial parts, shipping and drainage supplies. The largest product was a hammer for pile driver which weighed five tons and took ten days to be casted. Since the industries gradually moved to China in the 80s and 90s with the tightening of environmental protection regulations, the iron casting business became more challenging. In 1997, Master Liu transformed into copper casting.

He described copper as more subtle and mild than iron. Iron melts at about 1400 degrees and copper at about 900 degrees. Liquid copper is not as active as iron, with less boiling bubbles. Master Liu turned middle age with Copper. His copper works are more delicate than his previous iron works. He started to learn to make wax molds at the age of sixty. In addition to taking customer orders, he also began to create.

He likes to use real objects to mold, taking reference from nature, he collects leaves and flowers and casts them into copper works. His works demonstrate beautiful textures of nature. In addition to presenting nature faithfully and delicately, Master Liu also likes to combine different things into his works, such as sea urchins and cacti, so that the thorns in ocean and land meet. Master Liu enjoys the creation process.


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