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Mr. Yip started his career in the 1970s. On his first day, he was determined to set up a shoe factory. From working at home to setting up a factory in Mainland China, he had about 20 staff until the factory moved back to Hong Kong, Mr. Yip started to work on his own.

There are pictures of different types of customers’ feet in Mr Yip’s phone, such as feet with length discrepancy, deformed feet or feet with tumor, which may be caused by poliomyelitis, diabetes, accidents, or even foot binding, etc. These are pictures from Mr. Yip’s customers who cannot find shoes that fit them well and request Mr. Yip to tailor shoes for them. Mr. Yip still remembers helping an old man in a wheelchair with swollen feet. His feet were so swollen that they could only fit into slippers. Mr. Yip made a new pair of leather shoes for him just in time for winter so the old man could keep his feet warm.

Mr. Yip makes customized shoes for his customers. For example, he makes thicker shoes for customers with leg length discrepancy. Then when he designs and makes the shoes, he purposefully hides the thicker part so that the difference of thickness is not noticeable.

Recently, Mr. Yip had to undergo an eye surgery which frightened him a lot. Mr. Yip worried that he could not make shoes anymore if his surgery failed. Luckily, the surgery was successful and Mr. Yip could continue to serve his customers.

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Uneven heels leather shoes


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