Ms. Chow (Tailoring school founder)

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Ms. Chow grew up in her father’s boutique. She has started sewing since primary 5 and it turns out to be her career for over 60 years. She designed maternity clothes for herself when she was pregnant in her 20s, her friends admired her designs and wanted to learn from her. This was how Oi Mee Chee tailoring school was born. Oi Mee Chee was originated in a tenement building in Kowloon City. There were more than 10 sewing machines at one point. In the 1980s, Ms. Chow also started to provide clothing alteration service.

Ms. Chow is proud of her tailoring skills, which is also her way of self-healing. 30 years ago, Ms. Chow’s husband passed away, she made her living and raised her children by teaching tailoring. Spending most of her time in making clothes wholeheartedly helps Ms. Chow forget about her sorrows and worries. This is why she enjoys sewing, it is a blessed skill and happiness that cannot be taken away.

As time passes by, Ms. Chow is now teaching one-on-one tailoring courses in her shop. Ms. Chow uses the leftover fabrics to make mini versions of the same clothes. Her shop is full of mini versions of blazers, dresses and shirts.


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