Mr. Lo (Seal carver)

Carved Seal | Yau Yuen Tong

Yau Yuen Tong is an age-old shop that sells seals and “Four Treasures of the Study”. Mr. Lo, the shop owner and also a calligraphy teacher, has deep interest in Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal carving, he often attends exhibitions related to the subjects. Mr. Lo’s passion in this culture was much influenced by his father, a collector of painting, calligraphy and ceramics, as well as a bamboo carving and imprinting master, who owned a seal shop in Macau for over 70 years. His father was Mr. Lo’s first teacher, he used to request Mr. Lo to practice hard until he mastered the skills well.

In the 1970s, Mr. Lo moved to Hong Kong from Macau and learned from Mr. Chan YuShan, the master of seal carving. Later on, Mr. Lo started his own shop and named it “Yau Yuen Tong” which comes from an ancient Chinese poem, meaning a relaxed place. Mr. Lo continues to study ancient seals and the development and structure of Chinese words.

Yau Yuen Tong is a refreshing name in Tsuen Wan, manifesting an unwinding pace in the city. Mr. Lo wishes to foster connections among Chinese painting and calligraphy lovers in his shop.

At the back of Mr. Lo’s palm imprints a poem expressing the view of nature makes one feel relaxed and pleasant.


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