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Uncle Wai followed his brother into the career when he was young, the first plastic sign he produced was a big sign for the petrol station. Before computerization, plastic signs usually took a few days to be made by hand. Uncle Wai also put up signboards by himself, he once stood on the scaffolding outside a building without wearing a safety belt and he realised how terrifying it was only after doing so. Uncle Wai is now 87 years old, he still uses plastic films to make handicrafts.

Uncle Wai has some regrets for Lee Han, a calligrapher. Sign masters used to employ calligraphers to write signs and then enlarge it on plastic films. Uncle Wai became good friends with Lee Han, who was about ten years older than him. Uncle Wai once went to his hometown with Lee Han and Lee Han once lived in Uncle Wai’s shop. About twenty years ago, when Lee Han was in his later years, he gave Uncle Wai two big bags of handwritten characters which were the most precious possessions for a calligrapher. Uncle Wai did not thank Lee Han at the time because they were too close. After Lee Han passed away, Uncle Wai regretted not saying “Thank You” in person.

Thousands of handwritten characters in two big bags were kept in Uncle Wai’s shop. A few years ago, Uncle Wai’s son began to convert Lee Han’s calligraphy into a computer font type named “Lee Han Hong Kong Character”. Uncle Wai finally feels relieved after passing on Lee Han’s calligraphy to future generations.

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"Lee Han Hong Kong Character" plastic sign


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