KANJIAN is a social enterprise promoting contemporary design inspired by the wisdom of traditional Chinese crafts. It brings together the finest designers in China and from abroad to work closely with local craftsmen to make outstanding products with fresh possibilities and interpretations derived from traditional Chinese materials and techniques.

Kanjian Earthenware No. 1 is a teaware set created by product designer Shi Dayu, and handcrafted at Lin’s Ceramics Studio in Taiwan. Composed of a teapot, a communal cup and six teacups, the cup is round at the top and square at the bottom so that the subtle shape of the teapot dovetails with the teacup, urging the user to be sincere and lead an authentic life, and to pay attention to individuality. The set is made of Lao Yen Clay, which is known to soften water and improve taste.



Project name

Kanjian Earthenware No. 1


KANJIAN CREATION Culture (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Origin of company

The Mainland