Inspired by Japanese ritualised traditions such as the tea ceremony and flower arranging, Hong Kong artists Ryan Hui and Lee Wing Yee founded Tokinashiki to practise and teach the art and craft of ceramics. For this exhibition, they have produced a series of functional wood-fired ceramic ware in a Japanese tatami room. The sequence includes a kettle, teapot, clay stove, cups and tray, as well as other accompanying teaware utensils. Believing that beauty and goodness are best appreciated in everyday objects, the artistic duo created the special blue-green Aisumicha Glaze in 2017, and have collaborated with dessert chefs, tea masters and Ikebana masters to innovate and to appeal to a wider audience. Hui and Lee earned their Bachelor’s degrees in Visual Arts at the Hong Kong Baptist University.



Project name

Wood-Fired Tea Set


Toki Nashiki

Origin of company

Hong Kong