Hong Kong’s doubledecker tram cars are not a thing of the past. Affectionately called by the locals as “Ding Ding”, they are the transport solution for the future. Long before sustainability became a global concern, Hong Kong Tramways began offering speedy and convenient rides along the harbour front without polluting the air as their tram cars have been trundling up and down the street. Although riding the tram is a quintessential Hong Kong experience, Hong Kong Tramways cannot rest on its laurels and must keep up with the times. A rebranding reconnects the community with the tram, and brings a breath of fresh air to a treasured Hong Kong icon.

The rebranding centres on the smile. A smiling curve appears on the fender of the tram car and billboards at tram stops. The slogan, “Catch a ride; Catch a smile”, conveying how passengers of all ages feel about the tram is printed on the special green livery. A series of Cantonese colloquial expressions and plays-on-words that incorporate destination names along the tramway track are displayed in the tram car and at tram stops. Online communication is similarly organised around the #DingDingSmile hashtag, as passengers and influencers alike share their stories and memories about riding ding ding.

For this rebranding, a new logo featuring a recognisable doubledecker tram car’s silhouette and the custom Hong Kong Tram Green Pantone colour, was designed to make Hong Kong Tramways as much a part of everyday life as a source of joy and civic pride. The comprehensive branding help keeps a sustainable and venerable means of transport even more relevant in today’s Hong Kong.


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Hong Kong Tramways — Rebranding




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