What do you do?
Branding and creative direction

How did it start?
I studied fashion and Kalun is a graphic designer, things started with a brand we created called The Yesterdayskin. There were people reaching us for branding projects afterwards, so there we are.

What’s your dream?
Can’t think of a solid one yet, maybe don’t ever feel old, keep observing, and to work with good people on good happenings?

What is the most difficult part?
We are both quite slow and not keen on multi tasking, there’s a long way to learn working out different tasks efficiently.

What keeps you going?
The great ones around and their trust always push us to go with the flow.

Can you tell us about one of your projects?
The first project Future Dept. did was a brand revamp project for Sir David Tang. So thankful to have this opportunity and being able to learn from his meticulousness.

#Branding #Creative Direction #Fashion Design


Dream Hard Do Harder

Project name

Future Dept.


Eileen Chan, Kalun Leung



Origin of company

Hong Kong