What do you do?
I started in fashion design, where I co-founded our knitwear label CYNTHIA & XIAO and now I am slowly expanding into the art world with the mission of creating Art that can spread Joy and love.

How did it start?
In 2021, the pandemic had created a hard time for all business, but it has also created a free time for me to start painting at night. It was simple and relaxing to paint with a brush, to have control over the whole process with no limitation and boundaries which was very different from creating artwork for knits.

What’s your dream?
To do something I truly love.

What is the most difficult part?
To have a sustainable life, where your work can also find you enough income to keep you going. Also, the high cost of space in Hong Kong makes it harder for artist to have a good working studio or to create big scale art.

What keeps you going?
Seeing or talking to people that appreciate your work, it makes you feel like all the time and effort is worth it. Also being surrounded by other artist or small business owner keeps me motivated.

Can you tell us about one of your projects?
I love creating collaboration artwork with different companies, my latest one is with Hong Kong Jockey Club. It is great that they also believe in your style and mission of your art and together we create a series of colourful products that hope to spread joy within their community.

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