What do you do?
Art, Toy & Art Toy.

How did it start?
Everything must be start from passion, we both are crazy toy lovers.. after so many years toy hunting and collecting, we decided to try to make our own.

What’s your dream?
Living & creating with art & toys which actually is our daily life, thank god.

What is the most difficult part?
Time is never enough!!!! I hope 1 day have 48hrs or moreeeeee.

What keeps you going?
Just trying our best to be ourselves.

Can you tell us about one of your projects?
“ Bad Toy Beautiful “ – 壞壞的玩具最美麗 making mutant toy experiments is one of our favourite moment ,
I think the movement will keep on going until the day we can’t 😀


#Toy Design


Dream Hard Do Harder

Project name



Lewa, Lego



Origin of company

Hong Kong