Terra Centre is a hub where artisans improve construction technology and performance in Southwest rural China. The spatial design integrates semi-outdoor spaces to provide a comfortable gathering spot for residents, and the building’s rammed earth construction has a long history in China. The walls use only natural materials such as raw earth, gravel and sand, and are 100% recyclable, degradable and pollution-free with no added industrial stabilisers such as cement. All the natural materials are noted for outstanding thermal performance, providing a moderate indoor climate. The architecture reflects the centre’s mission, and showcases an advanced understanding of construction technology. The One University, One Village Initiative brings together the expertise, knowledge and human resources of a university to improve the livelihood of a village and its disadvantaged villagers in a strategic, systematic and sustainable manner.


Tradition, Inheritance, Education and Exchange

Project name

Terra Centre


One University One Village (1U1V) Team, CUHK


Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Faculty of Architecture and City Planning of Kunming University of Science and Technology



Origin of company

Hong Kong