The “cinema palace” is a special description. It is the name bestowed to the early movie houses. Long before digital video and modern multiplex movie theatres audiences entered large grand scale mansions of entertainment.  These elaborate buildings designed with art deco animated neon would shine for miles. Now a rare find, they could seat 100’s to witness the new Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton motion picture.  Before the internet or television these cinema palaces could run 24 hours showing movies, newsreels and short serial films all day and night.

Witness the rebirth of this old cinema palace, the Park Theatre, based in California – as the wrecking crew rebuilds this masterpiece to its glowing elegance.



Zone 3: Evergreen Showroom

Project name

In Memoriam to the Cinema Palace - Film Documentary


Paul Shepherd (Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Film)

Origin of company

Hong Kong / United States