As people become more aware of the importance of sustainable living, there is exponential growth in the production of biomaterials – engineered substances that interact with biological systems – as an alternative to landfill. CArrelé, by textile designer and weaver Elaine Yan Ling Ng for Nature Squared, is a new collection of multipurpose wall and floor tiles composed of eggshell. Ng’s extensive research on transforming sustainably sourced bio-waste combined with Nature Squared’s heritage artisan skills and technical expertise form the first range of products, CArrelé, handmade eggshell tiles, for The Calcium Brick Collection.

The project is part of Nature Squared’s long-term commitment to transforming natural waste into useful materials through a circular design approach. The ‘egg-loop’ ecosystem not only adds practical value to the material, it also provides a viable application for a natural material that would otherwise be discarded as landfill. As Nature Squared’s Chief Material Innovator, Ng focuses on developing advanced solutions for treating bio-waste and the bio ecosystem throughout the entire design process, and particularly on exploring the wider potential of natural


Make the Best Use of Materials

Project name

CArrelé - The Calcium Brick Collection


Elaine Yan Ling Ng


Nature Squared (NSQ)



Origin of company

Hong Kong