This product challenges the user-oriented design approach, focusing on materials and production. Bark sliced from tree trunks is often thrown away as residue during a standardised manufacturing process due to irregularities. However, can these irregularities stimulate artistry? From a sustainable perspective, many of our norms must be rethought and redesigned.

As famous industrial designer Pinky Lai said “We are in a world of commercialisation and a universe of industrialisation, and no one directly or indirectly connected to the industry can neglect environmental issues. This is as important now as when we began discussing the problems many years ago. It is so exciting to spot an undervalued piece of timber, which, instead of ending up in a trashcan like many others, can be put to use, and the design of even this bookend has a very symbolic value that reminds people not only of the recycling issue, but also underlines the value of taking time off to read and slow down.”


always a way

Project name

Tree Bark Bookend


Benny Lau


Creative Cafe



Origin of company

Hong Kong