Located in a hutong, one of the small back alleys that run through Beijing, this tea house is the ultimate modern reinterpretation of traditional Chinese architecture.

Designed by Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Associate Professor Han Wenqiang who founded ARCHSTUDIO in 2010, the project began with architects and designers repairing the old brickwork and removing decaying timber structures. ARCHSTUDIO now focuses mainly on architectural design in the natural context, urban architecture renovation and transformation, and the upgrade of spaces for consumption. The interior of the Hutong Tea House features giant curved glass panels that lead to the tea house itself, letting in natural light while giving visitors a very special view of the bamboo-filled complex. The contrast of original brickwork and new white-painted walls and glass creates a close dialogue between past and present.


Environmental and Spatial Design

Project name

Tea House in Hutong



Origin of company

The Mainland