KITO DESIGN PROJECT intended to revive this tiny village of Kito where a population of only about 1000 people lives by using the power of culture, and the MIRAI CONVENIENCE STORE was built to serve as the hub of this project. The name “MIRAI” (“future” in Japanese) reflects the hope that this facility will serve as a place where children can grow and learn. Kito is also the first place in Japan where grafting of yuzu citrus trees has been conducted successfully. To wish dreams for Kito’s future, we designed the architectural structure based on the motif of a yuzu tree. It was constructed of a standard three-dimensional truss structure, and painted in YUZU
yellow with the participation of villagers.

#Architecture #Interior Design #Social Design #Design For Children #DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021 Silver Award DFA


Dream Bigger Dream Smaller

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Mirai Convenience Store


KOKUYO Co., Ltd.



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