Scented Cufflinks is different from other accessories as it can add a piece of diffuser inside. The design simply changes the fragrance with the day dress up. It can make the scent last longer and perfume can be refilled on diffuser if the scent faded out. To change the perfume, just change another piece of diffuser. Now, specially design the Hong kong Collection have (Tram/ HK City/ Sailboat/ Bell Tower) signature location.

Scented Cufflinks can avoid shirts yellowish and scents overlapped. The design is stainless steel in sliver color. It can be opened with magnet closure button. Both the cover and the diffuser can be custom-made designed.


Product name

Scented Cufflinks (Hong Kong Collection: Tram/ HK City/ Sailboat/ Bell Tower)


Louise Castle Company

Origin of company

Hong Kong