Close your eyes, can you see the strange and exotic scenery in front of you? In this vibrant and absurd dream, there is a garden. In this garden, there are things that seem familiar but not easily recognisable, such as the plants and creatures. Feel free to explore this world guided by sound and light. When your eyes open again, are you truly “awake”?

The creative team is formed by 4 units of designers who specialised in different mediums. The exhibition space is divided into two different dreamscapes for you to dream. The different arrangements of similar things help you to explore the virtuality and reality of dream. The dream may be about the memory of reality or the absurdity of detachment; it may also be an escape from pressure or the curiosity about uncertainty.

Fashion designer Cynthia Mak twists everyday objects with rich colours and clean lines to create these quirky and exaggerated patterns. Screw Up Studio breaks the three-dimensional logic of the X, Y, Z axes, and uses giant wooden pieces to create this messy but orderly space to allow you and I to be in it. STICKYLINE reconstructs strange creatures that parasitise on trees by using polyhedra paper sculptures, which add a layer of uneasy weirdness. Finally, sound designer Vanissa Law provides us with voice navigation which questions about body and movement, and guides you and I step-by-step to become a part of the exhibition.

Our special thanks to the Design Spectrum team and the curator of this exhibition, Michael Leung, for their invitation. They have created an opportunity for us to dream together and to break boundaries for our creation.

We look forward to discovering the visitors’ interpretations of the dream.

Date : 11.5.2022 – 12.6.2022
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue : Room 309 and 311, 3/F

Design Team
Cynthia Mak, Screw Up Studio, STICKYLINE, Vanissa Law