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    2020.6.24 / 2020.7.14

    Discover the World of Oolong Tea

    Sitting between black and green tea, oolong tea mightn’t be as far-famed as its fellow Camellia sinensis family, yet it packs a punch in terms of variety and flavour.

    During the workshop, participants will be guided through by BASAO’s tea sommelier team to appreciate 3 types of oolong teas from The Mainland and Taiwan, which represent the character from its origin.


    Room 301, 3/F


    24.6.2020/ 7pm - 8pm /
    14.7.2020/ 7pm - 8pm






    Free of charge


  • Instructor

    Katherine Yu Man-sum, born in Hong Kong, studied tea under Master Yeung Chi-sum, a tea pioneer in the 1980s. Devoted to tea studies for two decades, she is a tea master and trainer certified by the Chinese authorities.

    Yu is also the founder of tea house “Teaism”, the director of Moonlit Cultural Limited, Tea Master of BASAO tea Hong Kong, the instructor of Twinings Hong Kong, and the former Chief Operating Officer and Supervisor of Heritage Tea House Hong Kong. Yu is also an experienced tea master qualified with Senior National Tea Artist, Tea Master Trainer (TETTIC), and International Tea Sommelier (ITMA).

    Yu believes that Chao Tao reflects the beauty of life. Inspired by meditation, a way to communicate with one’s inner self, she is now exploring and experiencing the infinite possibilities of tea.

    Discover the World of Oolong TeaDesign Spectrum  Katherine Yu
    Katherine Yu

    Tea Specilaist