While we define and distinguish different colors by our visual perception, the meanings of colors go beyond the sense of vision, inferring specific emotions which vary across different cultures. Believing that the many aspects of colors are not limited to the sighted and the visually impaired can be more connected to the society with more understanding and experience of colors, Beyond Vision International attempts to introduce the concept through the sense of touch and hearing, adding colors in the darkness.

To raise awareness for the visually impaired community and to celebrate diversity, this exhibition showcases artworks produced with “tactile-audio interactive system” (TAIS) designed by Beyond Vision International (BVI) to allow everyone, sighted or non-sighted, to understand more about the master pieces and conic landmark in Hong Kong; at the same time adding colors to the world of blindness through touch and sound. As much as colors brighten up our city, diversity enriches our community, the exhibition also features photography and artworks by the visually impaired to show the audience that they can actually “see”.

#socialinclusion #mutilsensory



Project name

Feeling the Colors


Multi-sensory art experience


Beyond Vision International (BVI)

Origin of company

Hong Kong