‘Divided by thin walls, intimate relations are present
Home is a body to protect the soul
Home is full of tension
Home is where you learn about love’

From the conversations, everyone had their own imagination of home. Some liked the smell of wooden furniture, fabric softener, cooking, washing powder, and even the familiar smell of their mother. The formless scent is a catalyst to wake the suppressed restless moods: it could be a meal prepared by mum that reminds them of the joyful moments at home, or the scent of old books that helps them remember the past.

Based on the imaginations of ‘home’, I shaped household memories with aroma. With natural essential oils, I developed 5 different knot home fragrances by myself, they are Antique Furniture, Botanic Garden, Freely Bathing, Summer Nap and Last Supper. I hope to outline everyone’s imprint of life through the sense of smell and release our cached memories and emotions.


Product name

The Lingering Scent of Home



Origin of company

Hong Kong