Colour-Overlay the Murray originates from changing the tone curves techniques, inspired by adding colorimetry in the iconic and historical architecture in Hong Kong, starts with the fundamental concept of chromaticity. With the fashion theory of “Game, Set, Colour, Match”, adhered the basic rules of colour theory to illustrate this collection that sends different vibes, also it’s conception gathered a cult following.

Aims to connect and contribute to society through our designs, also emotionally engages with people and promote the importance of understanding the reflection of the multiculturalism of Hong Kong. This carré inspired by one of Odelia’s photography, reinventing the concept of the wearable works of art and translating the photography into a wearable product. This also is an opportunity to introduce a timeless-luxury product, with its functionality and statement.


Product name

Meet the Murray


Invisibilis Movere Limited

Origin of company

Hong Kong