Bruce Lee, as a famous martial artist, had a unique philosophy towards life. He not only incorporated his ‘be formless, shapeless, like water’ philosophy into his embodiment, but also affected many successors. Thus, Lee Kung Man HK crossovers with Bruce Lee Club. On 27th Nov 2021, the boxset ‘Be formless, shapeless, like water’ will be introduced in two styles: white tee (Be Water) and black tee (Be Formless). A postcard drawn by Man Tsang, a renowned Hong Kong illustrator, will come along with the boxset. The two boxsets are limited editions of 1,127 each.

Original design, original craft. Still, Made in Hong Kong.


Product name

Bruce Lee Club & Lee Kung Man | 1127 Limited Edition Tee Box


Wholly Wholly Limited

Origin of company

Hong Kong