6.12.2021 – 31.3.2022
3/F, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai

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Mon – Sun 10am – 7pm

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Curatorial Statement

“Are you happy?”

It’s a simple question, yet one that’s difficult to ask. The pursuit of happiness is one of the fundamental and eternal drives of human existence. The presence or absence of happiness has a direct impact on our quality and outlook of life; Aristotle even went so far as to proclaim that eudaimonia—the ancient Greek concept of living and doing well—is the highest human good and therefore should be the goal of every human being.

Not only do happy people perform better at work, exhibit more creativity and enjoy better health, their happiness also boost the development of themselves and their communities. In recent years, many de-signers, inspired by the psychology of positive thinking, have tried to create a connection between their work and happiness, and “Delight Design” is a showcase of the distillation of such creative endeavours. In the exhibition, designers explore the subject from the aspects of “sense”, “mind”, “ideology” and “social”, and share their thoughts on how to build a more positive and delightful world. We invite you to redis-cover the power of design outside of its “utilitarian” purposes and to learn how good design can quietly irrigate our hearts and offer us a holistic, sustainable sense of wellbeing. In these tumultuous times, let design help close the distance between you and your happiness.

Design Spectrum 設計光譜 - 策展人


Chi-wing Lee

Lee Chi-wing studied Industrial Design and graduated from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, then received his MA from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris.

Lee started off working for Habitat France and Raison Pure, and then joined Philips Design Hong Kong before setting up Milk Design in 1998. Time Out Magazine calls Milk Design one of the Top 25 HK designers, and Monocle Magazine describes Milk as simple yet experimental.

In 2007, Milk Design’s economy class tableware for Cathay Pacific Airway demonstrated a modern interpretation of Chinese culture and tradition, and won several prestigious Asian design awards. Their “New Bamboo Chair” is in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum collection. “Repair” furniture collection and “Cathay Pacific tableware” are collected by M+ museum.

Lee truly believes design originates in culture and tradition, and is a part of daily living.