Rolling Fun – Community Playground

At the invitation of PLAY LIVES exhibition curators Rémi Leclerc and Chi-wing Lee, social design and research team Making on Loft have created the temporary Rolling Fun – Community Playground for 7 Mallory’s Public Outdoor Space. Organised around a Play Share Kiosk providing basic playthings, a Tube Zone and a Wave Zone invite visitors to play, invent new games, or enjoy down time and rest. Visitors are invited to share thoughts on how to best use the play space as part of a community engagement programme exploring public open space via play. Both entry to and exit from the PLAY LIVES exhibition situated on 7 Mallory’s third floor, the Community Playground extends the exhibition’s reach to the community, enticing urban exploration play.

Date : 31.3.2021 – 18.4.2021
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue : Public Open Space, G/F

Design Team
Making on Loft