To echo with the exhibition theme “Brand New Youth”, Mudwork is invited to redesign and transform old-styled folding tables and stools to a series of musical instruments named “Beat of table and stool”, inviting visitors to pat and play for injecting sound energy into the venue and the work, which provides the imagination of transformation of the old-fashioned daily objects around us and brings them another brand new live.

As daily necessities, this kind of folding table and stool is cheap, practical, light and flexible. From more than half a century ago to nowadays, these furniture are still staying around with us, no matter at home or street food shops. Even more advanced and refined products are what modern people pursue due to the improvement of material living standards, the unique practical and aesthetic values of these folding table and stool make them full of vitality.

There is a Chinese saying, “the predecessors planted trees and the descendants enjoy the shade”, that reminds the younger generation to pay gratitude to their predecessors or previous generations who created the present. The accumulated wisdom descended from our predecessors is valuable and worthy for everyone to learn. Some people may think that these folding tables and stools are old-fashioned, however, they still connect to our lives, as always. Neither haughty nor humble, this classic brings the inspiration and spirit that will never fade.

Date : 13.5.2021 – 30.5.2021
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue : Public Open Space, G/F

Design Team