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    IDK Design Thinking Workshops:
    Designing through Play (1)

    Visual Storytelling through Play (with the LEGO® Serious Play® Method)

    Human’s ability to play enables us to communicate with our world via different senses – it also allows us to sharpen our sensory skills to create and design our futures. In the upcoming workshops brought to you by the Institute of Design Knowledge (IDK), join us to have a taste of how to “think with your hands” by using the LEGO® Serious Play® Method in two important aspects of Design Thinking: visual storytelling and idea generation.

    ***Each participant will use a brand-new LSP Window Exploration Set (take it home to continue the journey)

    Remarks for Participants:

    A. All participants are required to take temperature check before admission. Participants with fever symptoms will not be admitted.

    B. All participants must sign a form confirming they have not confirmed infection for Covid-19 and/ or been under compulsory quarantine imposed by the Department of Health. Hong Kong Design Centre reserves the final right for permission of entering the workshop venue if you are not able to complete or confirm the matters as set out in this form.

    C. All participants must wear a mask at all times during the activity. Eating and drinking is not allowed. Participants without wearing a mask will not be admitted.

    D. Participants are encouraged to use alcohol hand sanitiser before entry.

    E. In light of the current pandemic situation, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change any details such as dates of all events. Participants will be notified through emails or phone calls.


    Room 301 & 303, 3/F


    31.10.2020 / 2pm - 4pm






    Free of charge

    Target Audience

    Anyone interested in exploring visual storytelling


  • Guest Speaker

    Kit is a lyricist, an author, and the founder of La Violet Education and Under Production. He is committed to promoting creative education in youth and youth empowerment in the creative industry. Apart from teaching Design Thinking in education institutions, he also provides staff training for corporates and NGOs. To encourage Hong Kong people to chase their dreams, he has been organising “Life beyond routine dream project” since 2014 that more than 90 winning teams were supported. In 2017, he organised a concert showcasing his pieces of lyrics.

    IDK Design Thinking Workshops: Designing through Play (1)Design Spectrum  Kit Wong
    Kit Wong