An intimate dialogue between the imaginary curve & geometric dimension.

“Even Parallel Lines would meet each other, projected.”- Measuring the World

An intimate dialogue was sparked at the fateful encounter of straight lines and arbitrary curves, where their edges interact and extend into sentimental sketches of the world’s contours and silhouettes.

Opposites attract:

the vivid spontaneity in Shannnam’s imaginative designs, and the solid geometries and stoic planes by Stickyline. Forms a tango of rationality and sensibility.

Swaying from ornamental craft to balanced dissection and reconstruction, the clashes in paradigms bring about a cosmos of stardust from the relativity of æsthetics.

“All parallel lines will eventually intersect.”

When a straight line encounters a random curve, an intimate dialogue begins with an extension of the point and the point.

Shannnam used an awkward distance to outline the sensible outline for Ukiyo.

Stickyline, through deconstruction and reformation, walks between planes and solids in a stack. The opposite side, which was supposed to be parallel and never staggered, was rarely rendezvoused under the aesthetic traction:

The dissonance of the surface forms a sensational and sensuous pull. But at the same time, the relative aesthetics of the same goal are all performed in parallel. Imagined the chemistry beyond imagination.


Product name

VIS-À-VIS (Jewelry Collection)



Origin of company

Hong Kong